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Clever girl.

UFC 145: Jones VS. Evans Live-Blog With Vince Mancini And Danny Boy Downes |With Leather|

Nike Bans Midnight Releases, Initiates Twitter RSVP Policy But Will It Help? |Smoking Section|

TV’s 20 Greatest Original (Non-Theme) Songs |Warming Glow|

Bad Luck Leo Is Here To Divert Your Attention From Leonardo DiCaprio Banging Models |UPROXX|

Hologram Tupac’s Amazing Star Wars Video, All-Hologram Coachella Poster, and Gifs |UPROXX|

Move Over Rebecca Black, We’ve Got Hot Girl Problems |UPROXX|

Carnival is offering a Saw-themed cruise for torture-porn masochists |Film Drunk|

Esquire and Chrissy Teigen Create New Rules For Concert-Going |Smoking Section|

Jeremy Lin, Tim Tebow Part Of Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World |With Leather|

The Return of Bob Loblaw and More ‘Arrested Development’ News |Warming Glow|

Supercut: Movie students giving dumbass answers |Film Drunk|

Aziz Ansari: Texting With Girls |High Definite|

Why ’12 Angry Men’ Still Matters |Moviefone|

Kelly Brook Has a Tumblr and It’s Glorious |Brobible|

Adult Swim Interview with Brendon Small |Adult Swim|

10 Aliens Cunningly Disguised as Attractive Celebrities |Pajiba|

Jose Canseco’s Insane Twitter Rant Presented By Corgis |Buzzfeed|

Five Incredibly Creepy Animated Short Films |Unreality via GorillaMask|

15 writers and directors who’ve spawned their own separate genres |Fark|

4 Comedians Made TIME’s 100 Most Influential People 2012 List |HuffPost Comedy|

VIDEO BELOW: Lance the Corgi has an awesome repertoire of tricks. |via DP&F|

[Pictures via Matt Stopera and Sober In A Nightclub.]

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