Colossus: The Forbin Project Remake Gets New Writer

07.20.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

While it’s one of the most well-regarded science fiction films of the 70s, chances are you’ve never heard of Colossus: The Forbin Project. It certainly wasn’t a blockbuster hit, but it was a pretty well-written little sci-fi flick, which is why Ron Howard was reportedly to be directing a remake of it for Universal several years ago starring Will Smith. But after that, the project somehow got dropped and nothing was heard of it for years.

But now it looks like the project might be back on track as Variety’s reporting that Universal has hired writer Blake Masters (Law & Order: LA) to do a new draft of the script. There’s no word if Ron Howard is still on the project, but it’s possible since it will be produced by Howard’s business partner Brian Grazer.

The original film (and novel) follows Dr. Charles Forbin as he creates the supercomputer Colossus to control all of America’s nuclear weapons. After Colossus senses that Russia has created a similar computer, the two computers demand to be linked together (never a good idea), they grow even smarter and threaten the world if they’re interfered with, just as you’d expect. Slowly, Colossus gains control of the world as Forbin and other scientists try to stop it.

There’s no word on whether the remake will be set in during the cold war or will be updated to the present day. Frankly, we’re not sure putting it in the present day works, since putting nuclear weapons under the control of a super computer seems pretty ridiculous idea in an era where everyone’s had over 25 years to watch War Games.

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