Wants You To Abuse Yourself For Social Justice

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If there is one thing that defines the Internet, it is smut. The internet is a nigh bottomless well of every conceivable thing any human being would ever want to look at, be aroused by, and then look for those tissues, we know they were just here, dammit, I need to hit the pause button.

Anyway, since this is not going away despite the best efforts of feminist stereotypes and fundamentalist weirdo stereotypes, a charity has decided to do something about it.

Meet They want you to pick a social cause, share porn links, and somehow create charitable contributions by clicking those porn links. No, we’re not entirely sure this isn’t a joke, especially after seeing their pitch video. But what the hell, here’s their alleged plan.

Essentially, it’s like every other adult site, except not for profit, and their video pitch is safe for work:

If you don’t want to watch the video, basically users sign up, choose a social cause, and then upload their videos or post links to other videos. The money shows up from other porn sites, which buy ad space.

This isn’t entirely without precedent, believe it or not. There are several groups boning on tape to raise awareness of some cause or another. And to be fair, they’ve attracted the attention of the Asta Philpot Foundation, which is essentially about making people aware of the disabled as sexual beings. OK, that sounds gross, but believe it or not, that’s actually a problem. Yes, we know you’ve just found a video that proves it’s not. No, we do not want to see it. Ever.

Anyway, they’re currently raising funds over at Kickstarter imitator Ulule, which we won’t link here since there’s some “art prints” that might trip your work filter. But we hope they succeed. If for no other reason than we want to see this exist.

No, for laughs.

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