A Texas Family Is Afraid To Leave Their Home Because It’s Surrounded By Snakes

07.24.15 2 years ago 12 Comments
texas snakes


One snake is too many snakes. Hundreds of snakes? I would leave that horrible place, and never come back. Unfortunately for Vicki Barnett, of Weatherford, Texas, that horrible place is her home, and she and her family are surrounded by copperhead snakes.

Last weekend, Barnett and her husband killed 30 of those scaly bastards, but that barely made a dent. Now she’s terrified to leave her house, for fear of being brought before the Snake King.

Barnett arms herself with a rifle, killing the reptiles at dusk when they’re most active.

“Any thicket is a real good place for them,” said Randall Kennedy, who works for Fort Worth Wildlife, a company specializing in nuisance removal. “Once they start taking over, they’ll take over,” said Kennedy. “There can be quite a few of them.” (Via)

It’s like gentrification, except with copperheads instead of white people. Both unwanted.


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