Corgis Playing Tetherball (and Links)

02.03.11 7 years ago

PICTURE ABOVE: Austin, Texas is renaming their sewage plant. Guess which perfectly apt new titles are winning by a landslide. [City of Austin via TDW]

Filmdrunk Supercut: Cinema’s Abused Dwarfs [Filmdrunk]

Why “The Cape” Is The Best Worst Show On TV [Uproxx]

What’s So Wrong With Being Obese? [UproxxNews]

McBain: The Movie. Stop talking crazy! [WarmingGlow]

Drunk Guy Attacks Pucky The Whale [WithLeather]

10 Rappers I Once Swore By [TSS]

Batman X Star Wars [Unreality]

12 Things Made Better With Rainbows [Buzzfeed]

Ever wonder why students in the US are behind most other countries in science and math? This explains that [Fark]

Amy Smart Is ‘Shameless’ [TVSquad]

James Franco To Teach A Class About James Franco [Moviefone]

9 Book Displays That Will Make You Fear For Humanity [NextRound]

Video Gallery: Reasons Not To Run on Dangerous Treadmills [Unathletic]

VIDEO BELOW: Corgis playing tetherball. [via Buzzfeed]

[Inset picture via fyeahhistoryofbritain]

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