The 12 Best Insta-GIFs From The 'Django Unchained' Teaser Trailer

By 06.07.12
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The first teaser trailer to Tarantino’s highly anticipated Django Unchained has been threatening to break the internet last night and this morning so of course the insta-GIFs — as I like to think of them — are coming off the Tumblr assembly line left and right. The above DiCaprio “OH HAI THERE” zoom shot is already positioning itself to be the reaction GIF du jour for the foreseeable future.

I’ve rounded up my 12 favorites as well as an honorable cannot-be-unseen mention so we can continue to have a reason to get excited for the holidays without actually having to click play. I’m a rambunctious sort like that.

This sort of thing is Django’s bag, baby…


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