Parody Game ‘Dudebro’ Brings The Straight-Up Dawg Time

Entertainment Editor
10.16.12 6 Comments

Not since Abobo’s Big Adventure has the trailer for a free parody game rocked my face off this hard. The game’s full name is Dudebro™ — My Sh-t Is F–ked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time. It satirizes the bro-ish elements of modern shooter games. It’s made by Grimoire Assembly Forge (primarily NeoGAF members), and will eventually be free to download to PC, the bro-est of operating systems.

This game has everything an old school side-scrolling shooter needs. Kickass soundtrack? Check. Wrestling a polar bear? Check. Using a rocket as a platform? Check. Jon St. John, the voice actor who played Duke Nukem, voicing the lead character, John Dudebro™? Hail to the king, baby!

In a world where brodiocity is under attack, legendary war veteran John Dudebro™ and his fiery sidekick Habemus Chicken will rise for the greater good, and a few pints of beer. Tasked by General Dawgless Lee to track down Armando Pesquali, arms dealer of unspecified ethnicity, the duo will embark on a brotastic adventure, facing deadly opponents such as Commander Limpwrist’s SkullPro army and the mysterious Dude Squad. [NeoGAF via Kotaku]

Yeah, but are there achievements to grind out? Those are like bro catnip.

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