Early Panels: Three Comics I’m Reading Tomorrow

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10.02.12 6 Comments

What’s coming up that I can’t wait to read?


For those of you who zoned out: All the plotlines DC slammed the brakes on for a month are starting back up. The zero issue stunt had its virtues, but I’m glad the comics I really want to read are finally back on track.

Most notably: Rotworld. The arc that Swamp Thing and Animal Man had both been leading up to and then got cut off from? The one where they discover they’ve been trapped in the Rot for a year and the world is lost to corruption and mold? That’s finally happening. I can’t wait.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12

Perhaps “excited” is the wrong word in this particular case, but mostly I’m just glad this particular crossover is coming to a close. I’m more interested in the creative shake-ups Marvel is implementing behind the scenes, but if these are the vegetables I have to slog through to get to my dessert, so be it.

That said, they do also wrap up AvX VS this week, and if nothing else, I love me some superhero fights.

Harvest #3

Harvest is a book about, essentially, crooked doctors stealing organs, and the international illegal organ trade. It’s actually been a strong mini in its first two issues, mixing noirish writing with just enough black comedy to keep the book from being depressing. A.J. Lieberman’s writing is concise and often very clever, and Colin Lorimer balances the atmosphere and gore quite effectively in his art. If you haven’t been following it, it’s worth picking up.

Here’s the full list: Let me know what you’re anticipating tomorrow.

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