First Look At Superman in "Man of Steel"

Entertainment Editor
08.04.11 2 Comments

Yep.  That’s a Superman.

Just yesterday we learned Cowboy Curtis would be shouting “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” in Man of Steel. Today Warner Brothers released the first official still from the movie. I’m kind of surprised they have official stills for a movie which won’t release for two more years. You can click the picture above to enlarge it, and if that doesn’t work you can right click and select “View Image” unless you have a Mac, in which case you say, “Computer, enlarge image” at which point it does your bidding and then makes you a sandwich. That’s how Macs work right? That’s why they cost more?

Anyway, the suit seems unusually shiny and perhaps overly-textured, but it still looks much better than the Superman suits Nic Cage almost wore. But we still don’t have the answer to our most important question: will there be a giant spider in the third act?

[Hat tip and a can of Thanagarian Snare Beast repellant to HeroComplex.]

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