Get Hyped For ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ With A New Villain Reveal And 17-Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

10.21.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


Are you ready for Batman: Arkham Origins? You’d better be, because the game is less than a week away! I’m sure most of you are already pretty excited for the game, but what the hell, let’s push the anticipation just a little bit higher, shall we?

First off, yet another Arkham Origins villain has been leaked


Yup, Killer Croc will be in the game. It seems unlikely that he’s one of the eight assassins, but you never know. Interestingly according to above screenshot, there are 32 villain profiles in the game, so there may be quite a number of other Batman baddies yet to be leaked or announced.

Oh, by the way, it’s now fully confirmed that Lady Shiva is one of the eight assassins…


Okay, enough villain stuff — how about a nice, meaty, 17-minute chunk of gameplay footage?

Looks cool, although too much nattering by the WB Montreal guys. “It’s an Arkham game, where you get to play around in the Batcave” is all you have to say.

via CVG and VG24/7

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