Green Lantern CG Suit? Green Lantern CG Suit.

04.13.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

A usual statement by Hollywood whenever a trailer comes out and bombs because fanboys won’t stop whining about the effects is “The effects aren’t finished!”
In this case, apparently, it was true, because now we’ve got the full, finished image of the suit. And, with one detail, it actually looks good. Better than the leotard-wearing guys at right, anyway, although that’s due to CGI, not gym visits (seriously, that’s the skinniest collection of Green Lantern fans we’ve ever seen).
Now, granted, it’s not the classic Hal Jordan suit, but it’s an interesting design. At least until you get to the feet…

Looks good, looks good, looks…what the hell is wrong with his feet? When did Hal Jordan have webbed feet? Seriously, what was wrong with the boots?
Oh, God, those feet. Those feet!
I just…I love everything about this except those ridiculous feet. Oh man. Oh man.
[ via the Corps at Coming Soon]

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