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The Genius Of Will Ferrell Demonstrated In His 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments |UPROXX|

25 Facts That You Didn’t Know About the Cast of ‘Community’ |Warming Glow|

Deeper Than Rap: 40 Heartfelt Hip-Hop Songs |Smoking Section|

We Said, ‘Jump!’ A Tribute To The Film Careers Of The Original Stars Of 21 Jump Street |Film Drunk|

15 Fan-Made Hiatus Tributes to ‘Community’ That Are Streets Ahead |UPROXX|

Blake Griffin Is Bad At Free Throws |With Leather|

UPROXX ‘Archer’ Open Thread: ‘Space Race: Part 1’ With Background Director Jon Bass |UPROXX|

A Q&A with ‘Community’ Writer Megan Ganz |Warming Glow|

Review: The FP, where brilliance and stupidity come to dance battle |Film Drunk|

Hip-Hop’s 7 Hottest Jump-Offs |Smoking Section|

The Marlins At Least Have Some Taste |With Leather|

13 Howling Husky Puppies |HuffPost Comedy|

The Geekiest Pop Culture Experts In Pop Culture |The FW|

Top 5 Movies Where Someone Swaps Bodies With A Dog |Buzzfeed|

Five lessons in leadership from James T. Kirk. A good hairpiece strangely absent |FARK|

Six Classic Monsters That Are Being Reborn In The Most Awesomely Ridiculous Way Possible |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Uggie and Dash are talented. |via Joanne Casey|

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