Hasbro Renames “Spastic” Transformer

01.19.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

“Spastic” is very different word in America and Great Britain. Over here in the US, especially in it’s shortened form of “Spaz,” it just means an over-excited geek, or at least that’s how it’s used by us spazzes at Gamma Squad. But overseas it’s a highly offensive term, considered just slightly less derogatory than the term “retard.”

Now, those of us in America aren’t really aware of how offensive the term it is,  which explains why Hasbro recently featured a toy in the Power Core Combiners line called “Spastic.” Hasbro originally said that Spastic wouldn’t be available in the UK, but they’ve now gone and put stickers over the toys in US, renaming him “Over-Run.” But if you’re desperate for a toy that’ll offend Brits, you can just peel off that sticker, no problem.

[Bleeding Cool]

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