Here's How the New SimCity is Actually Going to Work

03.20.12 6 years ago

Maxis have released a short trailer running down how the sim aspects of SimCity will actually work, and well, it’s a bit hard to follow. There’s a tad too much talk of “agents”, “units” and “rules”, plus the guy doing the voiceover sounds like a nervous 10-year-old reading a book report in front of the class — and yet I’m still completely intrigued. After watching the video a few times the main take-aways seem to be…

– Efficiently spreading resources throughout your city is going to be one of the, if not the most important thing in the new SimCity. Electricity and water will be distributed the way they always have via wires and pipes, but other resources will be spread via vehicles and pedestrians, which means laying out those roads right will be more important than ever.

– You can upgrade and customize all your important buildings.

– When creating a map you’ll also have to pay attention to underground resources like coal and oil. Personally I’m going to build my city on a bed of pure gold. Shiny, shiny gold!

You can try to parse the trailer yourself after the jump…


The attention to detail seems pretty impressive. Unleashing the giant robot on these cities is going to be extra fun/heartbreaking.

via Kotaku

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