Is Natalie Portman Starring In “Jupiter Ascending”?

01.06.12 6 years ago

And just what the heck is “Jupiter Ascending”, anyway?

The Wachowskis, who we last saw quietly making “V For Vendetta” into a Hollywood swashbuckler and producing movies about ninjas, are currently working on “Cloud Atlas”, which will either be one of the few great science fiction movies in recent times or a tremendous bore, but at least there’s some ambition to it.

But after that, they’ve got an SF action movie that Warner Brothers is gung-ho about, and apparently they want Natalie Portman to star in it. It’s called “Jupiter Ascending” and…that’s it. That’s all we’ve got. We can’t even find a basic plot summary. It could be set in space, or for all we know it’s about a secret society of astrologists fighting each other.

But, hey, Natalie Portman is in it!

[ via the Mercury Rising fans at the L.A. Times ]

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