Jon Hamm Answers Questions From Teenage Girls, Continues To Be Good At Everything

05.09.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

When Josh checked in yesterday with our friend the Hammster he was spitting hot fire with the “Comedy Bang Bang” crew. Today he continues on his quest to prove he’s good at everything by rolling out of bed, tossing on his finest Cardinals World Series champs t-shirt, and effortlessly providing near perfect advice to the females of tomorrow.

Clearly someone behind — “an online publication for teenage girls” — has serious pull and can call in favors from the likes of Jon Hamm — and Paul Rudd before him — to participate in the site’s video Q&A series, “Ask a Grown Man.” The level of access relative to the subject matter is kind of amazing. Where Paul Rudd discussed the appeal of boobs to men, Jon Hamm takes on wardrobe preferences, the fun of making out vs. the complications of going all the way, and — of course — farting. Hamm was a high school drama teacher, so I imagine that’s why he’s so good at this, but still his ability to aloofly yet sincerely answer these questions is kind of remarkable.

There aren’t any teenage girls in my life that I’m aware of, but if there were I’d send this over with a “watch so you can be a better person” note ASAP. And seriously Britney, commit.

Source: Rookie

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