Justin Timberlake Ft. J. Cole, Pusha T & A$AP Rocky – “TKO” (Remix)

11.29.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Justin Timberlake TKO-REMIX

Justin Timberlake must have heard us speaking on 20/20 Part 2 earlier because like clockwork here he is with a rap-ready remix to “TKO.” Social media says Cole’s verse is a rebuttal to Kendrick’s “Control” but it feels more like him speaking around the issue than taking it head on.

Cole raps “everybody and they momma gassed, even my momma asked what I’m gone do,” even slightly lifting Kendrick’s flow for his delivery. Yet, he stops short of saying he’d plant C-4 in Kendrick’s ears and push him off a plane yada ya, you know, because that’s the kind of thing Kendrick would say. More than anything, Jermaine’s just flexing his peacock feathers a bit to let his mom and everybody know he can hold his own.

Other than that, slow news day, folks.

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