Kinect and Wiimote: Together At Last?

Senior Contributor

Sure, we all make fun of motion gaming, partially because it’s required in the Hardcore Gamer Bylaws, along with reading Penny Arcade, mocking Tim Buckley, and owning at least one old console that you insist is the best gaming machine ever invented. But we soon may have to revise the bylaws, thanks to an industrious hackers.
Demize2010, as he’s known, has used open source tools to hack together a Wiimote and a Kinect to play FPS games on his PC. The Kinect handles movement such as leaning to the side, ducking, and jumping, while the Wiimote allows for aiming and the nunchunk handles moving around in physical space. It’s an impressive and seemingly immersive way of playing games, and you can get a taste of how it looks on the next slide.

[ via the Users at PC World ]

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