Kobe Undergoes Surgery, “6-9 Month Timetable” For Return

04.13.13 4 years ago 16 Comments

The Lakers confirmed what we all knew to be the case: Kobe Bryant’s done for the season. Per the team’s Twitter, the update was given that doctors have Bryant on “a 6-9 month timetable” for recovery. When asked if Kobe would be back next season, trainer Gary Vitti remarked “that’s the plan.” Vitti disclosed to reporters that tear, which occurred late in the four quarter of Friday’s game, was a complete rupture.

Vitti was also quick to shoot down speculation that the injury was a result of increased minutes.

“‘When something like this happens, everybody wants to know why, and there’s not always a reason why,’ Vitti said. ‘Some of it’s just bad luck.’

“Vitti agreed that every minute on the court could lead to an increased chance of injury. However, he shot down speculation that Bryant was injured because of an increasingly heavy workload.

“‘To say that he was injured because he played 48 minutes a game the last however-many games I think is a stretch,’ said Vitti, in his 29th season with the Lakers. ‘Lots of guys rupture their Achilles’ tendons and don’t play 48 minutes. To make that correlation I don’t think is fair.'”

If he’s projected to return by September, Bryant very well could be back in action since the NBA season starts at the end of October.

Earlier, the Black Mamba posted photos of himself in good spirits before getting an MRI and then heading into surgery.

The Mamba may be out, but let’s hope he’s back soon.

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