Law And Order: Criminal Intent Basing An Episode On Spider-Man Musical

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With all the injuries on the set of the Spider-Man musical, Spider-Man: Off With The Darkness And The Injuries To The Actors With The Ouch And The Flavin, we’re a little surprised one of the eighty-four Law & Order spin-offs hasn’t filmed a “ripped from the headlines” episode about it already.  Well, not only is “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio to finish eating the scenery, but they’re also doing a take on the Spider-Man musical set safety issues.  TVLine has the story, which, for some reason, Michael Ausiello and Andy Patrick wrote about as if it were some convoluted, cutesy blind item or a f-cking riddle.  Let me boot up my breathless-entertainment-columnist-to-English translator and let you guys know what they’re trying to convey.

“Law & Order: CI” will have an episode where an actor dies under suspicious circumstances during a failed stunt on the set of a musical called Icarus.  The play is directed by a “high-strung and larger-than-life” woman who falls off the wagon, and it’s composed by a bisexual rock-star named “Arno” who is secretly cheating on his wife with a male colleague.  So they’re like Julie Taymor and Bono, except with funner vices, probably.  And this isn’t the only pop culture news “Law & Order: CI” is sending up this season.  They’ll also be having Jay Mohr play a Charlie Sheen-like character embroiled in a murder investigation as well as filming an episode based on the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen.  Ooo, what if Jay Mohr did it?  I mean, in reality.  It could happen.

[Banner picture via SimpsonsGuy.]

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