Let’s Make Zelda LEGO a Reality

12.19.11 6 years ago

You might remember Michael Inglis as the guy who posted that LEGO Zelda movie that made the rounds four years ago (if not, we’ve got it under the jump).

Well, Inglis wants to bring us all official Zelda LEGO. And he’s starting an online push at LEGO’s website to do it.

For those unfamiliar, CUUSOO is essentially LEGO’s crowdsourcing site: fans come to the site, pitch ideas, and if the ideas get enough supporters (10,000), then LEGO will review the idea for possible product development.

Inglis has apparently been printing his own Zelda LEGOs using a 3D printer for a while, but he wants to share his love with the entire world. And frankly, we can’t blame him. CUUSOO takes a few seconds to sign up for, and you can, of course, use Facebook. So throw a little support Inglis’ way: this’ll be the most awesome Christmas gift of 2012.

[ via Kotaku ]

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