Live-Action Cardboard RoboCop? Live-Action Cardboard RoboCop.

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One trend that’s actually pretty amusing is the ongoing need to bring ’80s classics to the stage. Whether it’s a stripping Slimer or singing Deadites, it’s generally pretty amusing. Or nightmarish. Either one.

Anyway, theater troupe the Old Murder House decided to stage a tribute to everyone’s favorite case of ’80s zeerust (man, remember when that guy from “That ’70s Show” was actually threatening instead of comedic?) by building sets and props entirely out of cardboard. Unfortunately, there’s not yet video of the show available, probably because they’re still selling tickets, but the above photo should give you a fairly good idea of what we’re talking about.

If not, you can learn more at the troupe’s Facebook page.

[ via the theater snobs at io9 ]

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