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Frotcast 53: Eisenberg, Stupnitsky talk Bad Teacher, Ghostbusters 3, The Office [Filmdrunk]

Bieber’s Kelly Kapowski Shirt: The Domino Effect [Uproxx]

Corgi Friday-AAAAHHH! [WarmingGlow]

10 Things I Learned From Watching The 2011 NBA Draft [WithLeather]

First Look: Rob McElhenney as Fat Mac [WarmingGlow]

The 5 BET Awards Performances You Missed [TSS]

A Gallery of Dogs With Human Bodies [EgoTV]

Every Single Epigraph Moment in ‘The Wire’ [Brobible]

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Rides Splash Mountain [Buzzfeed]

The Most Interesting Yearbook Signature In The World [NextRound]

Photo of the Week: The Best TMNT Costumes of All Time [Unreality]

Facebook News Feed History of the World: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire [CollegeHumor]

There are 30 elements whose names are an anagram of 30 other elements.  Also, adding up the atomic numbers of both groups yields the same result.  Brain … hurting. [Anagrammy via NotRocketScience]

VIDEO AND .GIF BELOW: A magical dancing husky [via SayOMG] and a joke improved with showmanship.

[Pictures via Arbroath and PleatedJeans]

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