Marvel’s Rebooting the Fantastic Four? Again?

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02.11.11 5 Comments

You know, I’ve got to wonder why comic companies even waste their time trying to reboot their biggest properties at this point. Blah blah you killed the Human Torch? Suuuuuuuure you did. Just like you killed Reed. And Sue. And how many times did they bump off Ben Grimm? And how many times has one or more of them quit the team for some reason, and been replaced, only for the original to inevitably return?
On the bright side, this sure-to-be-abortive reboot promises to be highly entertaining, albeit not in the way Marvel intended. The Fantastic Four are now the Future Foundation, they have new white and black costumes with hexagons on them, and Spider-Man is now a member. And yes, they gave him a reverse-Venom suit. See for yourself with the gallery on the next slide.

[ via the reboot freebooters at ComicsAlliance ]

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