Meme Watch: 'Draping' Is 'Tebowing' For People Who Like Sex, Booze, And Good Television

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03.29.12 5 Comments

For the record, I don’t get posing memes. Maybe too much of my free time is dedicated to scuba diving with half naked models in between games of high stakes yacht poker, but I just can’t imagine stopping what I’m doing and taking a photo of myself mimicking some stupid pose that thousands of people are already mimicking. I’m pretty sure there’s some unwritten rule that you have to be breathing out of your mouth while making the pose of your choice, but I haven’t done enough research to be certain.

But then came “Draping,” where people pose in the iconic Don Draper lounging from behind Mad Men promo silhouette. I was actually going to cover it a few weeks ago, but all the Draping photos I saw at the time were sub-par and in no way encouraged me to blow off the rest of my day for scotch, cigarettes, and relaxed voyeurism. Since then the submissions have improved to the point where I feel like this post is necessary, especially now that we’re in all the Mad Men you can handle mode.

Even though I can get my head around “Draping,” I still can’t imagine making the pose strictly for the purposes of sharing on the internet. I do remember some flash photography going on from behind me the last time I was in deep scotch-y thought at my gentlemen’s club of choice though. Guess I dodged a bullet that Draping wasn’t around when South Park tackled memes in the writer’s room.

Sources: Know Your Meme and Buzzfeed

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