Meme Watch: Sad Hipster Is Sad


You guys, Sad Hipster is sad. So very sad. Sad that Max Fish is closing down, probably to make room for another Bank of America or a Duane Reade, which everyone knows New York needs more of. He’s sad that the L train on the weekends is a public transportation abortion of the highest order. He’s really sad that Kings of Leon canceled its tour. And yes, he’s sad that Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars have no arch support. (Seriously, those things are foot terrorists — they’re awful!)
So sad hipster has been meme-ified, though to be honest the picture whoever kicked this thing off went with sort of has a borderline angry hipster vibe to it — not to mention that, for me, this will always be the definitive sad hipster — but whatever. It’s August on the internet and people are bored, so we embrace these sorts of things. So why don’t you waste some time on your employer’s dime laughing at Sad Hipster. Sticking it to The Man is, after all, the way Sad Hipster would want it.
So we present to you ten of our favorite Sad Hipster slides, via Buzzfeed, Quickmeme and Tumblr. Enjoy.

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