Meme Watch: Sucessful White Man Is Patrick Bateman On Steroids


It’s kind of a wonder that it’s taken this long for a Successful White Man meme to be birthed by the internet. After all, it’s been a few months since the Successful Black Man meme hit the web — you’d think that it, along with the Occupy Wall Street protests and such, would have provided ripe inspiration for such. Regardless, it has finally arrived here in 2012 and is just as hilariously offensive as its darker-skinned counterpart, though opposite from it in just about every way.
As you may recall, Successful Black Man was a misdirection meme with a top line of text illustrating a racial stereotype commonly associated with black men, while the bottom line of text went in the opposite direction to illustrate a stereotype commonly associated with the mundane life of an upper middle class suburbanite.
Successful White Man does the opposite: it starts with a top line that illustrates a not unusual occurrence in the life of a businessman, while the bottom line illustrates something straight out of American Psycho — the behavior of an arrogant, privileged, homicidal sociopath. Enjoy!
(Quickmeme via Pleated Jeans)

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