Memristors Made of Human Blood?

04.04.11 6 years ago

S.P. Kosta and colleagues at Education Campus Changa in India have discovered that human blood can function as a memristor (a combination of “memory” and “resistor”), meaning its electrical resistance changes based on how much voltage is applied and it will hold a memory of this resistance for up to five minutes.  Memristors were theorized in 1971 but weren’t demonstrated to exist until just three years ago.  And just think, emo kids were full of memristors this whole time, spilling them out on bathroom counters for no benefit to anyone (well, except for our laughs at their expense).

Unlike other circuit components, the memristor has the ability to remember its previous state even when there’s no current running across it. That property makes it a good candidate for memory devices that can be powered down without losing information.  […] Because the connections between neurons in the brain seem to exhibit some memristive behavior, memristors are considered a potential way to build devices that mimic neural systems. [IEEE]

I already built a computer that’s chock-full o’ memristors.  It makes really annoying noises though.  Imagine having to listen to this all day:

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