Brick Con 2011: Middle Earth Constructed Entirely From Legos

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We just passed that time of the year where we tend to devote a ton of attention to Comic Con, and rightfully so. It’s like Lollapalooza had sex with Hollywood on top of a stack of your favorite comic books. And then of course there are all of the women dressed as our favorite comic, video game and sci fi ladies, and that’s enough to boil over our kettles of dork. Yes indeed, Comic Con rules.
But what of the smaller conventions that are overshadowed by the Super Bowl of Cons? It’s almost unfair how little attention some of the other genre conventions receive, especially when they’re pumping out their own awesomeness that you may never get to witness. Like Brick Con 2011, for instance, which was the home of the world’s largest Lego model of Middle Earth.
Back in 2010, Chris Phipson and Mark Kelso had the idea to recreate the entire world of Lord of the Rings using our favorite toy building blocks. A year later – this past June – Phipson, Kelso, and their team of Lego artists showed up to the Seattle Center with 200-square feet of Middle Earth in tow. Minas Tirith, Rivendell, the Mines of Moria, Isengard, Mount Doom and the Tower of Barad Dur were all accounted for and their efforts made them instant Brick Con legends.
Check out their incredible efforts and the one Middle Earth re-creation to rule them all after the jump.

(Images via MOC Pages, wizard’s hat tip to Oddity Central)

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