Wild, Wild West: The Battle For 6-7-8 In The NBA’s Western Conference

03.10.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

“We’re only on the brink of a 6-7-8 seed race that will only get more interesting/nerve-racking/stressful/hilarious as the regular season nears its end.”Tinstradamus, Feb. 25

Certain times arise when I appear like a well-educated basketball fan. Other times, the village idiot. Right now happens to be both. Storylines are plentiful in the NBA. There’s Miami who haven’t lost since two days before Christopher Dorner became the real life Jason Bourne. There’s Denver and how no team on the planet prays they get any sort of home court advantage in the playoffs. There’s Charlotte who, in their last 130 games, have lost 102 thus making them serious contenders for “worst professional franchise in America.”*

Seriously, if you would’ve told a 1996 Tins anything Michael Jordan-related would have sucked this bad in 2013, I’d have smacked you with a Trapper Keeper. And then cried myself to sleep with Space Jam on VHS on repeat. Anywho, there’s also Derrick Rose and Derrick Rose’s knee. And while it’s not exactly NBA-related, March Madness is upon us.

All are very important topics in their own right, but that’s not what has the blood boiling at the moment, however. The 6-7-8 race out West is what has my attention. Allow me to explain.

* – Or they’ve won 28 of their last 130. Either way that’s a winning percentage of 21.5 for those doing math at home.

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