New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Features Plummeting, Girl-Choking Action

06.08.11 6 years ago

The latest teaser trailer for Irrational Game’s upcoming first-person shooter Bioshock Infinite is out and it’s a little disturbing. Not because of giant monstrosities or crazed shotgun-toting townspeople (this is a Bioshock game, after all), but rather for the part where your companion Elizabeth asks you to kill her if everything goes wrong…by choking her to death.

Now maybe she’s just putting your hands on her throat to make a point, but she probably could’ve gotten her point across without wrapping your mitts around her tiny throat. After all, she’s talking to a guy who’s armed with tons of guns, weapons and can telekinetically throw people into the air. It’s not like he doesn’t have other options that don’t involve a slow, oxygen-deprived death.

Check out the rest of the trailer (which is mostly just shooting and seemingly random plummeting) after the jump:


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