New, Extended “X-Men: First Class” Trailer Is All Prequel-y

Entertainment Editor

“My apartment smells of rich mahogany.”

Now we have a full X-Men: First Class trailer to go with the shorter trailer and pictures from yesterday.  Unfortunately, the first third of the trailer seems to be weighed down by them reminding us the movie is a prequel.  We never would have guessed James McAvoy and Michael F. Assbender are younger than Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen if they hadn’t told us.  Once the trailer gets past milking our love of the first two X-Men movies for all it’s worth and gets to the action, it looks pretty good.

It also appears the release date for the movie may have moved up despite all the rumors that Matthew Vaughn was way behind schedule.  Fox’s YouTube page says the movie opens June 2nd (one day early), and the UK version of the trailer says it’s opening Wednesday, June 1st.  Complete non sequitur time: ever notice how Magneto can’t seem to move anything unless he’s making a grand gesture with one of his hands?  Why doesn’t anybody think to just tie his hands behind his back?  Or break his arms?  Let’s see if he can still be all superpowery if he can’t be a total drama queen about it.


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