New Government Protest Tool Discovered In India: Cobras!


Hey Tea Party folk — tired of the government putting its foot on your throat to squeeze hard earned nickels out of you to pay for sh*t you don’t need like libraries, fire departments, police, roads and bridges? Thinking about showing up at your local IRS office and making a statement, perhaps with some form of weaponry, but not sure how you’ll get around the government’s draconian security procedures? Well now you can basically tell Uncle Sam to take his metal detectors and shove them straight up his a$s, because you’ve figured out how to get around them.


That’s right, just load up a sack full of cobras and march right on down to your local government office, just like this Indian guy did.

The Telegraph reports that Hakkul later said a district magistrate had agreed for him to have a plot of land for his snakes two years ago. “I am a conservationist and have been seeking the government’s help. Having waited patiently for so long, I had no option but to leave all my snakes in this office,” he said.

But officials pushed back on the silver-bearded charmer’s claims. “He had applied for a plot of land to keep his snakes,” Subhash Mani Tripathi, the head of land-revenue administration, told the AFP. “But there is no provision for such a business. Instead of seeking a written reply, which we would have issued, Hakkul created panic by letting loose a bunch of snakes all over the office.

I have to commend the employees in this video for being much calmer than I would have been with a bunch of cobras loose in the room. I would probably have jumped out the window before the last one was out of the sack.

And how long before a Republican presidential candidate (Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry are the early favorites) expresses solidarity with this guy? I give it 48 hours.

(HT: Gawker)

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