10 Important Things We Learned From The NFL’s Conference Championships

01.21.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

1. On one side, the Falcons displayed their lack of killer instinct once again as they squandered a 17 point lead. Even with a three possession lead, they never felt totally in control.

2. On the other side, Colin Kaepernick showed his continued resiliency, recovering from two shoddy quarters to lead his team to victory, in the largest comeback victory every in an NFC championship game. As long as this continues for one more game, Jim Harbaugh’s decision to stick with Kaep will go down as one gutsiest decisions in recent memory.

3. For as magical as this season has been for San Fran, best believe Niner Nation is praying their sixth Super Ring does not fall on David Akers’ leg.

4. His team lost, but damn. As if there were any doubt heading in Sunday’s title game, Julio Jones proved to be well worth the Falcons trading the house to get him in 2011. Credit San Francisco for adjusting at the half, but it felt like Atlanta abandoned him in the second half.

5. Kudos to commenter c dub for calling Vernon Davis’ big game some 30 minutes before kickoff. It wasn’t 150 yards and two touchdowns, but five catches for 106 and one touchdown was one of the critical reasons San Francisco’s offense was able to move up and down the field like clockwork in the second half.

6. I’m not saying Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. What I am saying is this – Joe Flacco outplayed Tom Brady for the second consecutive year and did so on the road.

7. Once Aqib Talib went out with a hamstring injury, the Flacco-to-Boldin connection picked up right where they left off. New England’s defense never truly adapted after that.

8. Ed Reed is one win away from…nevermind, I won’t even say it out of fear of jinxing what could happen next.

9. There’s a strong possibility we may have just watched Wes Welker’s last game as a New England Patriot.

10. Recording another 14 tackles Sunday, it’s obvious Ray Lewis can still play the game of football. Now is about the time when comparisons to this Ravens team and the 2007 New York Giants gain legitimate traction – defensive star playing in his last season, young quarter attempting to prove himself being the biggest two.

Bonus: Baltimore clearly had the spirit of Prop Joe on the sidelines. R.I.P. Big Man.

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