Now Even Spider-Man Is Doing Gangnam Style

11.13.12 5 years ago

Well, not the REAL Spider-Man, which everyone knows is Tobey Maguire, but the recent imposter Arachnid-Male, Andrew Garfield, who took on Damian Lewis’s loose-limbed non-challenge from The Jonathan Ross Show and added…a beard. Garfield was on Ellen earlier today to earn money for Worldwide Orphans; his challenge: for every dance that he, well, danced correctly to, Garfield raised $1,000 for the charity.

Because it’s still 2012 and because white people still love “Gangnam Style,” the now-bearded Garfield (“Coming in 2014, the Amazing Hipster Spider-Man takes on his greatest foe yet: non-soy products”) had to show off his best horse-dancing moves, which is a phrasing that won’t make any sense in five years, before doing a timeless belly dance. If Ellen can get Garfield’s girlfriend Emma Stone back on her show, and convince her to do a belly dance for $10,000 that comes in, the deadly disease known as “orphans” could be solved once and for all.

(Via EW)

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