Now The Funniest Internet Reactions To Ann Coulter’s Reaction To Michelle Obama’s Super Serious Sign

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05.13.14 46 Comments


File this under “Things Ann Coulter Doesn’t Understand”: Well, lots of things, but currently, that the internet is a flat circle. Late last week Michelle Obama posted that super serious sign about the missing Nigerian girls on Twitter, which — despite being about a very serious subject — was had into a field day on the internet. Because that’s how the internet works, please and thank duh.

So when Ann Coulter decided to post a picture of herself on Twitter, holding a dumb, right-wing agenda version of Michelle Obama’s sign, how did she really think that was going to pan out for her? I mean really. The most literal version of the Michelle Obama Sign Meme?

Coulter’s original sign: (Also, I love how this is the closest her Skeletor face will come to showing faux human emotion.)



And, The Internet acts accordingly:

Top notch work as always, The Internet.

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