Okami Given Yet Another Opportunity to Fail — This Time in HD!

06.20.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

I’m sure some Okami fans will be upset at that headline, but let’s be real — has any game ever been given more chances to fail than Okami? It was a disappointment on the PS2, the enhanced Wii port was a failure, and Okamiden, essentially a handheld remake of Okami for the DS, also flopped. In fact, each new version of Okami has sold less than the one before it.

What I’m saying is, clearly fourth time’s the charm! Everyone’s probably just been saving their money, waiting for Okami to finally be in HD. Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

Hit the jump to check out a trailer for the newly sharpened-up, PS3-exclusive Okami…


Jokes about how few copies this is going to sell aside, the game is looking damn pretty. Also there’s going to be Move support, so maybe the paintbrush mechanic will at long last actually work correctly. Looks like the 200-thousand-or-so hardcore Okami fans that re-purchase the game whenever Capcom comes out with a new version are in for a treat.

via The Gamers Hub

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