Olivia Munn Has Taken Sexting To A Whole New Level

03.05.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

If there’s one thing I can’t seem to get off my mind since learning of the Christina Hendricks/Olivia Munn phone pics leaks — besides feeling bad for Christina Hendricks, who seems like an absolute sweetheart — it’s that Olivia Munn, with her Photoshopping of arrows and absolutely filthy, graphic dialogue onto her risque pics, has raised the bar on sexting and taken it to a whole other level. Time to up your game, ladies!

You see, after seeing how creative Olivia Munn gets, it’ll be no longer enough to merely snap a photo of your butthole and send it your boyfriend/husband/lover. No, now you must describe your butthole in detail, what you would like us to stick in there, and the manner in which you would like it to be stuck in. Anything else would be, well, BORING.

I mean, you wouldn’t want your man to think that you don’t love him as much as Olivia Munn loved Chris Pine, WOULD YOU? Of course you wouldn’t. That was a fleeting Hollywood fling romance — not even close to real love — and look at the effort Olivia put into the photos she texted. Remember, this is a busy lady!

So show some dedication to the cause and start working on your Photoshop skills, ladies. And don’t be afraid to channel the darkest, dirtiest depths of your soul to come up with some creative lines to add to the photos. Show ’em how it’s done, Olivia!

“slide your raw, perfect d*ck inside my tight, wet, warm pu$$y that i’ve saved just for you…lick my tight a$$hole and choke me.”

And to think that the towering bag of douche that is Brett Ratner once used her as his plaything. Nick Nolte is impressed!

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