Paul Ryan Trolled President Obama With ‘House Of Cards,’ A Show That Turns His Stomach

By: 03.09.16
paul ryan house of cards frank underwood obama troll


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) sure does love dipping his petite toes into the deeper crevasses of the internet’s mildewed pool. Whether it’s a goofy livestream of a January blizzard in Washington, D.C. with accompanying gym music or an attempt to out-insult Insulter-in-Chief Donald Trump, the top elected Republican pulls no punches when it comes to trying to go viral. Then again, if he and his office paid more attention to the details, then maybe slights like February’s Braveheart misinterpretation won’t repeat themse… never mind. It just happened again with House of Cards.

On Wednesday, Ryan’s digital communications director, Caleb Smith, published a blog post title “President Underwood Responds to President Obama.” Using three different-but-similar GIFs of President Frank Underwood’s (Kevin Spacey) best visual demonstrations of the word “no,” Smith railed against the White House’s announced intentions to close Guantanamo Bay Prison on the Speaker’s behalf. Ryan thinks these plans are “against the law,” and Smith wanted to try to find a way to deliver this message to millennials whose primary means of communication includes animated images without sound. Sounds like a solid plan, doesn’t it?

Sure it does! And to add just one more layer to the icing on his trollerific cake, Smith concluded the blog post with a bit about “closing the door” on plans to close Guantanamo and an accompanying GIF of Underwood doing just that. Take that, Obama!

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