Pip Boy 3000 With an iPhone?

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05.19.11 3 Comments

We have to admit, we miss the days when science fiction was convinced our tiny little communication devices were going to sit on our wrists. Pretty much everything else came true: the tiny size, the video capabilities, the wireless communication across vast distances, but nobody has tried to cram it into a watch.

So, points to DeviantART user Chanced1 for his Pip Boy prop. Before you ask: yes, it actually works, as it’s designed to slot an iPhone in. So you pretty much just install a Pip Boy skin, throw it into your wrist mount and BAM! Instant cosplay!

And, of course, he has an Etsy store, so if you’re willing to be patient (and pay UK shipping charges), you can get one of your very own.

[ via the mutants at Obvious Winner ]

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