“Play Dead”=”Milo and Otis” + Zombies?

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Fun fact: Troma Pictures has spent years offending people in every conceivable fashion, from making fun of child molestation to mocking foreign cultures. The thing that got them the most hate mail, and continues to do so, is a scene where a seeing-eye dog gets blown away with a shotgun.
In light of that, I’m not really sure how popular “Play Dead” is going to be, but the filmmakers seem to think the story of a bunch of pets fighting to survive in a zombie attack on Miami will really play to the crowds. Hey, if “The Special Dead” could get funded, there’s no reason these guys can’t raise their remaining $1200 or so needed. Here’s their Kickstarter page, and the trailer is on the next slide.

[ via the zombie dog trainers at The Mary Sue ]

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