"Pole-Dancing Robots" Will Gyrate Near A Pole If You've Got The Cash

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03.07.12 3 Comments

The world’s biggest IT fair, CeBIT, is taking place in Hannover, Germany, this week with over 4,200 exhibitors participating, including tech titans like Google and Microsoft. Of those booths, we’re going to forgo everything else and focus on what is surely the most important exhibit: pole-dancing robots.

The sleek, white, life-sized humanoids, with camera-shaped lights as heads, gyrate suggestively to the music, provided by a third “DJ” robot, with a megaphone for a head, who bops around the stage in time to the beat. […] The “dancers”, designed by British robot-maker-cum-artist Giles Walker, are driven by old car motors and their moves are controlled by computer via wireless technology. But despite being made from scrap, the robots don’t come cheap. If you want to hire these very exotic dancers for your next party, it will set you back around 30,000 euros ($40,000). [Yahoo via TheMarySue]

To see what $40,000 can rent for you, check out this video of their performance at Mutate Britain:

Uh . . . great? $40,000 can buy a lot of car parts, or it can buy modified car parts dancing suggestively in proximity of a pole for an evening. Decisions decisions.

[Video and pictures via TheMarySue and Yahoo]

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