Thor Gets Into The Prancercise Fitness Craze (GIFs And Video)

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06.06.13 6 Comments

Thor Prancercise workout

The God of Thunder is making sure he doesn’t become the God of Thunderthighs with the hot new fitness craze sweeping the nation: Prancercise. We were introduced to Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence by Joanna Rohrback last week when her hilariously odd video went viral and somehow wasn’t a Tim and Eric sketch. Now Ryan Frye of EveryDayThor has brought us the glorious internet bounty that is Prancersizing Thor.

He can prance if he wants to.

I love you, internet. Could you make me love you more? What’s that? A GIF set? You’re too sweet.

Thor Prancercise workout

That’s a good prancercise demonstration. ANOTHER!

(H/T: Pleated Jeans)

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