Raiders-Cowboys Thanksgiving Afternoon Game Open Thread

11.28.13 4 years ago 703 Comments


Somehow this is the second time in five years the Raiders have made the trip to Dallas for Thanksgiving. Basically, that means the last two times the Raiders have played the Cowboys, it’s been on Thanksgiving. Just a scheduling quirk, but still interesting that of all of the Cowboys’ opponents that the league would elect to give Oakland this high-profile stage that often since it’s been well more than five years since the Raiders were a team to be excited about watching.

Had the Raiders won last week, they’d been among the great awkward mass of AFC teams at 5-6. Instead, the Titans prevailed and Oakland was consigned to last place in the AFC West. Nevertheless, the Raiders organization feels encouraged that they found Matt McGloin, who makes his third career start here in Dallas. When McGloin debuted two weeks ago and threw for three touchdowns in a win on the road in Houston, the Oakland front office wanted to believe it found its quarterback of the future for the second time in just this season. While the undrafted rookie wasn’t terrible last week, it was enough of a setback that the initial buzz has already dissipated.

Dallas, meanwhile, is still clinging to the top of the NFC East as they try to hold off an improving Eagles team. They came through with a win on the road at the Giants on Sunday. There’s still a Week 17 rematch with Philadelphia on the horizon. It looks that game may come to decide the division, especially because the Cowboys won the first matchup. As it appears the Eagles are ascendant, presumed wins like these aren’t something Dallas can afford to squander, especially when they have to go on the road to Chicago next week.

Finally, I’m surprised the NFL didn’t try to squeeze in a “look who’s tolerant” message for scheduling the two teams with the most Hispanic fan bases on Thanksgiving. Or that PFTCommenter hasn’t claimed the league is ruining Thanksgiving by doing so.

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