Joan Rivers Wants To Slap Rihanna For Still Loving Chris Brown; Rihanna Makes A Diaper Joke

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08.25.12 2 Comments

Last Sunday, Rihanna was interviewed by Oprah on Oprah’s show on Oprah’s network, and among other depressing revelations, she said that even though her ex-, Chris Brown, once slapped the sh*t out of her, she’s still in love with him. The lovely Joan Rivers, though not so lovely as to be used as this post’s banner image, apparently finished going through J.A.G. reruns from her DVR and finally watched the Oprah-extravaganza, co-starring Rihanna, who she has some important Twitter advice for.

Yesterday, she tweeted:

To which Rihanna responded:

And then:

Best of all:

And lastly:

Am I the only one thinking that Chris Brown and Melissa Rivers should hook up?


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