Saints Row The Third Has Awesome Weapons, Burt Reynolds

11.03.11 6 years ago

THQ released the “Pimps and Gimps” trailer for Saints Row the Third, and it is wonderfully insane. The censored item above is a weapon made out of a sex toy, for example. I seriously have no idea what this installment of the game is about, and I’m cool with that. The trailer runs down a list of useful items in the game, and who cares about plot when you’ve got these: “Superheroes, Space Men, Gimps, Pimps, Atomic ATVs, Farts in a jar, Dildo Bats, Destroyer Jets, Zombies, Reaper Drones, Burt Reynolds”?

Hey, how’d these guys get my Christmas list?

[Hat tip and FIVE GOLDEN RINGS to ToplessRobot.]

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