Seahawks-Rams Live Blog, First Half

10.28.13 4 years ago 836 Comments

stlmascotsEven their mascot is going to the baseball game.

Not much to write about a game that features Kellen Clemens vs. the Seahawks defense in a quarter-filled stadium except “not for the faint of heart”. So instead we’ll mark the first Monday night game in St. Louis in nearly seven years by doing that thing where we list the zeitgeist-y stuff that was happening at the time or hadn’t happened yet, so as to emphasize how long ago it was.

– That MNF intro that night was done by Barack Obama, who wasn’t even officially a candidate for president yet. What? The Sex Cannon’s career went down in flames not long after? THANKS, NOBAMA!

– MySpace had just surpassed Google for the most visited website in the United States.

– Antonio Cromartie only had six kids (he thinks).

– A load bearing support beam hadn’t yet been added to Jerry Jones’ face.

– Michael Vick was only hated by his own receivers.

– “Redskins” was still cool.

– Four Loko hadn’t been invented or banned yet

– Marty Schottenheimer’s last season as a coach.

– Detroit was paying Matt Millen $5 mil/year.

– Dante Hall: still in the league.

– Chris Henry: still alive.

– Lamar Hunt died the following day. THANKS, RAMS.

– KSK was six months old. We were so young and Blogspotastic back then.

– Shawne Merriman was a Pro Bowler and led the NFL in sacks. Christ, that seems less like the past than a parallel universe.

– Drew Brees and Peyton Manning lead the league in passing. Oh…

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