Sega's Undignified Decline Continues — Urine-controlled Game "Toylet" Released in Japan

05.01.12 5 years ago

So, as we reported a while back, Sega’s in trouble, and unfortunately they seem to be dedicated to fading out in the least dignified manner possible. First they decided to turn their formally kid-friendly Super Monkey Ball series into an “adult” boobfest, and now they’re rolling out a new urinal game. Yes, you read that right, a urinal game.

The game, cleverly named “Toylet” comes connected to a urinal and is actually controlled via your stream of urine. Oh yeah, this ain’t some half-assed bathroom game, this is the real deal. Challenges in the game include filling drink cans, making a volcano erupt and, since it’s Japan, embarrassing a girl by blowing wind up her skirt.

I…I really don’t know how to react to this. On the one hand, there’s actually a sick kind of genius going on here, on the other hand, the company that used to be the best game developer in the world in my opinion, is now making games designed to literally be pissed on. You can check out a trailer for Toylet after the jump (don’t worry, no actual Japanese lizard draining depicted)…


As sad as this is, I’ll admit — Sega would have my 25-cents if I saw this in a public washroom. Especially if they came up with a firefighting mini-game.

via Sega Addicts

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