So, Drake And Guy Fieri Hung Out This Weekend

Senior Pop Culture Editor

Noted Jew Drake and alleged Jew-hater Guy Fieri cooked “Hot and Rowdy Fried Chicken Howdy” together this weekend. And thank god they did: I was worried that 2012 wouldn’t have a defining image. 1945 has “V-J Day in Times Square,” 1970 has “Fat Elvis Meets Nixon,” etc., but until yesterday, 2012 was in danger of being forgotten. Do you remember anything from 2011 B.D.M.G. (Before Drake Met Guy)? I DON’T. Besides, after this photo, the Internet is done. There is no more Internet, now that Wheelchair Jimmy made a batch of “Cheesy Cheese Balls with Jalapenos, Hold the Jalapenos” with Frosted the Whoa, Man, Those Are My Rice Krispies.

It was fun while it lasted.


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