SPLOOSH! A Tribute To Archer’s Pam Poovey

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01.18.12 8 Comments

The role of a supporting character on primetime television shows is one of the most unrewarding roles in all of show business. After all, nobody ever cares about the side show at the circus, just the main event. This applies double when you’re talking about primetime cartoons, because a successful animated program is a rare breed. But if I were granted the honor of creating the Pantheon of Primetime Supporting Characters – and I just was, because I can do what I want – I would say there are four members: Milhouse Van Houten, Randy Marsh, Franklin Sherman and now… Pam Poovey.

It’s pretty obvious that we love Archer – we have dubbed this Archer Week, after all – so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re going to celebrate its characters, but I’m taking it a step further by saying that I think Pam is the best thing about FX’s best show (sorry Justified and Sons of Anarchy fans, but I’m a comedy guy). Don’t get me wrong, “Archer” may have the best cartoon cast ensemble ever put together, and I may or may not have a Jessica Rabbit-esque crush on Cheryl/Carol, but Pam’s presence propels the show into the upper echelon of primetime TV solely because of her crude-but-endearing delivery.

Pam won me over the first time she said, “Sploosh” while listening to Sterling Archer describe a threesome with sisters and she kept my love alive with every “Chikka chikka chow” and Blob Marley since then. Voiced by the amazing Amber Nash, Pam is the glue that holds Archer together, so I offer this tribute to the daughter of Poovey Farms.

(Much love to F*ck Yeah Archer Gifs and F*ck Yeah Archer! Despite their potty mouth ways.)

“What whaaaaaaaaaat?”

“Wassup?” I only wish my HR department was run by someone this wonderful.

Possibly my favorite scene in the show’s two seasons.

“You can’t put a price on good pussy.” The advice of a good father or a great TV character.

“Chikka chikka chow!”

Blob Marley herself.

Let’s face it, guys. We’ve seen worse tats on women.

She brings home the bacon…

And she’ll drink us all under the table.

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